This is my personal website for the stranger parts of my identity. If you stumble upon it, it's either because I trust you as a close personal friend, or because you are a passing stranger on this obscure corner of the internet and you believed that this site looked like an interesting one to browse. I certainly hope it provides you some entertainment, in the latter case.

I never know where to start when I talk about my identity. I find that it's usually best to go in without any words that may have charged attachments. "Otherkin," the term I've called home for many years, has been diluted to the point of losing all meaning, and "fictionkin" tends to imply that my experiences are, well, fictional, and not something I actually live as a day to day reality. These days, I prefer to simply use "nonhuman," but that often raises more questions than answers. So I figure that I may as well just go for it and start from the beginning. On an energetic level, I believe that I am made from something different than the majority of people I meet. (This is usually where someone, like my sister for instance, would justify their superiority complex, but I don't have one. If I do, it's only ever ironic and in jest.) What I am, and what I desperately want to return to, is polymorphic, capable of intense depths of intimacy with others of my kind, and possessed of a strong sense of order and justice.

This is where, if I cared about convincing anyone of anything, I would say "And the closest reference for this experience that I've managed to find, which I use as shorthand for my identity, is the Changelings of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine." But I don't care about convincing anyone of anything. This page is a personal record first and an explainer of alterhuman experience to the curious way second. So I suppose I should just come out and say it. In a sense that may not seem real to you, but is very real to me, I am a Changeling. There are other things I've been, whether through reincarnation or archetypal emulation or willful embodiment, but as it stands, this is the core.

Part of my reluctance to explain past this is I should really get out of the habit of believing that I need to explain myself. I don't think there's much more explaining that needs to be done, past the fact that my vibes seem to rebel against the concept of being a solid. There are things that contribute to my sense of this-- the reincarnation belief, the energetic-level beliefs I've already gone into; the psychological elements of alienation which have made me more receptive to certain truths about myself than I would otherwise be. If none of this convinces you, then it's not supposed to. But this site will be largely devoted to expounding upon it for my own sake and the sake of those who are interested.